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The GAZ factory oficial website.


The UAZ factory oficial website.

All about Russian vehicles. Available in English language.

Polish website about East-European vehicles. In Polish.

This is my website dedicated to all classic cars from 1930 to 1979.

Everything you want to know about Romanian ARO. Available in English.

Original instructions and articles about the GAZ 69.

Russian Military Truck Forum.
The English Language Russian Truck Resource


An amazing resource about Russian bikes.
Unfortunately for English speakers – all in Polish.

Trapper Industries

Spare parts for your GAZ 69 and other Russian vehicles.
Right at your doorstep.

Części GAZ 69

GAZ 69 spares in Poland at very affordable prices. Buying is a bit cumbersome as the vebsite is like a shop window only and you have to order via email. But it is alwys up-to-date with stock and prices. They speak English, accept PayPal and post abroad.
Tried and tested many times.


Soviet bike spare parts shop in Poland. Friendly and helpful.
I can't express how much they helped me with my restoration project. If you don't see what you need on the website - ask. The owner is a wizard!
Speaks English, accept PayPal and posts abroad.

Autoplachty Nekvasil

Canvas for GAZ 69 and many other military vehicles made in Czech Republic. The website is available in English.

Manufaktura Blach Tłoczonych

Custom made number plates of any shapes and sizes. The website is in Polish but owners speaks English.

Retro 69

Spare parts for the GAZ 69 and other Estern European classics.
Speaks English. Excellent service.