GAZ 69s in the UK (Register).

GAZ 69 is a very rare vehicle in the UK. I'm interested in creating a UK GAZ 69 register. The aim of this is to encourage the use of these trucks, link owners together and possibly establish GAZ 69 owners club. Please feel free to send photographs of your UK registered GAZ 69 along with any details you feel comfortable sharing with other owners.

1956 GAZ 69

Registered in the UK in 2010. Probably used by the Polish Coastal Command although the owner didn't find any reference to this unit. Fitted with the 2.4 litre side valve engine but using an alternator. Dated as 1956 it is possibly the oldest in the UK.

Owner: William Smuts
Reg no in the UK: 913 YUG
Year of manufacture: 1956

1959 GAZ 69A

East German 4-door with 'export' 2.4-litre engine.

Owner: Matteo Iannizzotto

1961 GAZ 69A

Totally restored in 2007 four door command truck with 2.1 litre side-valve engine. Imported from PoznaƄ (in Poland) in 2010. In immaculate, original condition.

Owner: Andrzej Garmada
Reg no in the UK: 407 YUB
Year of manufacture: 1961

1968 GAZ 69M

Built by UAZ with the 2.4 litre side-valve engine, all standard apart from an alternator and freewheeling front hubs.

Owner: Bill Swan
Reg no in the UK: AMG 349 F
Year of manufacture: 1968

1969 GAZ 69

Imported into the UK in 2017 from Poland. In all original, mint condition. Equipped with over-head-valve "Zuk" engine, retrofitted by the Polish Military.

Owner: James Bowen-Dawes
Reg no in the UK: EGU 686 H
Year of manufacture: 1969

GAZ 69 hardtop

Probably the only hardtop in the UK.

Owner: Edward Coller
Reg no. in the UK: SVM 140 H

1971 GAZ 69-E68

Imported from Poland in October 2010 in absolute mint condition. Decommissioned from the Polish military in September 2010 from army unit in Warsaw. Never been rebuilt or restored. 2.1 litre side-valve engine. Originally quipped with wooden hard top built for secret service to carry radio transmitter finder, has been converted to a standard soft-top. Now in Gloucestershire, Cotswolds.

Owner: Wojciech Wojciechowski
Reg no in the UK: DDG 970 J
Year of manufacture: 1971
Engine number: 914709
Chassis number: 641209

GAZ 69s in the UK (Register).