My collection of Polish militaria from 1960's and 1970's

Genuine 1960's Polish uniform 'raindrop'.

A distinctive cap called 'rogatywka'.

Private's boots.

Private's leather utility belt as used in 1960's. Later those were replaced by canvas utility belts and the leather ones were only used with dress uniforms.

'Raindrop' winter jacket.

Gas mask.


AK-47 magazine pouch.

Canvas utility belt and webbing.

Rucksacks and blankets.

Officer's map pocket – an insert for canvas bag.

Officer's leather belt.

TT pistol holster (officer's issue).

Anti-chemical suit OP-1.

Bivi tent made from two rain coats buttoned together.

Rain coat (a half of the bivi tent).

Tracksuit used also as body warmer in cold weather.

Part of my collection on display in August 2011.

A genuine badge of elite 6th Polish Airborne Division.

Deactivated AK-47 (AKMS) machine gun with folding stock.

A genuine polish paratroopers early 1970's uniform and beret. Those specially designed uniforms were used by a very few elite army units and are very rare collectable items.

Paratroopers helmet.

Winter gloves.

Kit bags. Field mess kits.

Personal dressings.

Anti-chemical suit L-2.

Tanker's helmet.

Part of my collection on display in September 2012.

An early version of the webbing with a leather strap for a bayonette.

Private's dress uniform hat.

A complete private's dress uniform as used in 1960's, 70's and 80's.
Very rare.

Ammo boxes for the AK-47.

My collection on display in June 2013.


RPK machine gun (airsoft).

DP-27 Degtyaryov machine gun (deact).

An early private rucksack.

F1 granades (replicas).

Bayonet 6H4 (for AK-47).

Paratrooper knife wz.55.

Paratrooper helmet.

Small spade 'saperka'.

Paratrooper boots.

A joined effort display at British Motor Museum Military Show in September 2017.
Not all items are mine.

Tanker's helmet HCK-65.

The second 1970's paratrooper uniform. All complete and correct.


My collection of Polish militaria from 1960's and 1970's